Application scenario

Accounts receivable





Creditor’s right

Creditor’s right
split transfer







Angel round crowdfunding plan

100 million pieces

A round of crowdfunding:30 million pieces,crowdfunding price: 0.043 USDT;
B round of crowdfunding:40 million pieces,crowdfunding price: 0.072 USDT;
C round of crowdfunding:30 million pieces,crowdfunding price: 0.115 USDT;

Consumption Reward Part

400 million pieces

The project party promised that all 400 million pieces will be distributed by the company's mall profits. In the early stage, it was held by the company and was continuously used for the profit distribution of mall sales products according to the 21-node smart contract rules. After the distribution is completed, the project initiator will withdraw by itself to realize the decentralized operation of the mall.

The market operation team holds

300 million pieces

According to the contribution of technical service and market service related teams and individuals, a reasonable distribution will be made, and the release ratio will comply with the 21-node smart contract mechanism of the mall product profit distribution to reward dividends.

Market value management

200 million pieces

The Pintuobao Development Fund Company was established by Mainstream code Limited, holding 200 million into the lock-up mechanism for market value management.


Wally Giakas


Mr. Giakas has been in the securities and banking industry since 1980. He has worked in EFHutton and various other companies, holding various positions including branch manager, country sales manager, and other corporate finance and banking operations. position.

Palem Narasimhulu

(Co-Founder & CTO)

Ph.D., graduated from Weiss University of Technology, India, and presided over the development of American express online banking system, ABN Amro Bank account management system, GlaxoSmithKline medical system...

Pandikalla Subbarayudu

Person in charge of ecological construction

Ph.D., graduated from Nehru University. Mr. Pandikalla Subbarayudu has been committed to the research and development of online banking and enterprise market management systems...


Technical Officer

Raakhee is an expert in business development and early product strategy. She has more than 20 years of experience in the capital markets and has held leadership positions at Goldman Sachs, ..

Project consultant

Karry Huang

At the age of 18, studied computer science at the California Institute of Technology and graduated with the Principal Honor Award. Joined Silicon Valley's network equipment giant Cisco in 1996 and joined the early startup team ...

Marvin Mathew

Marvin brings a consumer-oriented experience from customer service and entrepreneurship. He is good at providing support to technical product teams, establishing customer-informed product experiences and comprehensive marketing.

Justin Ho

Justin comes from the fields of technology, finance and operations. Prior to this, he worked at the Goldman Sachs branch for 10 years as the controller of various credit and equity derivatives trading departments, as well as an operations expert, focusing on process streamlining, team building and customer reporting. Before that, he developed enterprise systems for the US Air Force.

Andrea G. Forte

Andrea G. Forte has more than 15 years of experience in academia, industry and international publications, including 20 patents. He was most recently the chief security officer and chief engineer of an online banking startup. Prior to this, he served as a Senior Researcher (PMTS) in the AT&T Laboratory's Chief Security Office, and as a researcher at Columbia University's Internet Real-Time Lab under the leadership of Professor Henning Schulzrinne.

Strategic Partners

Strategic partners are continuously updated
  • 01. Bancor

    Bancor is a world-renowned decentralized liquidity trading network. Provide intelligent automatic price calculation, global price network and other technologies, provide users with fast transaction flow services that use Web wallets and hold any token and can be freely converted to other tokens, and provide technical support for users to issue their own blockchain. Bancor has features such as no counterparty risk, continuous liquidity services, predicting price trends, and backward compatibility. In 2017, Bancor completed the largest ICO in its history of US$153 million in three hours, setting an industry record.

  • 02. Amperico

    Amperico was founded in 2011 and will soon be listed on NASDAQ. It is the only company recognized by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). DAP's technology partners provide DAP with the technology they need to enter the Asian market (Coin Trader) , Coin Trader can integrate traditional investment and blockchain transactions.

  • 03. Coin Trader

    Coin Trader is a unique multi-exchange trading system that all competitors do not have. It is established in accordance with the regulations of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Real-name authentication (KYC&AML) can be completed within 15 minutes, and the currency value of the top ten exchanges can be routed in real time (providing the most Favorable price), able to trade electronic assets and cryptocurrencies, and transform the previous T+2 securities trading into minute trading

  • 04. Modulus

    Modulus has one of the best back-end technologies in the world. It is used by the top ten securities firms in the United States and large companies in various countries. The back-end functions have far surpassed NASDAQ OMX. Modulus, the global leader in the entire financial technology field, will provide Coin Trader with comprehensive technical support .

Development plan

  • 2020


    the PTB public beta was released and launched globally


    the PTB Technical Committee was established to develop alliance planss


    the super trading node version of the currency trading project will be launched, and it will land on some centralized exchanges.

  • 2021


    launch the cross-chain asset transfer project


    launch PTB
    Dapp project


    launch the Developer Competition of Global Commercial Project.


Compliance risk

The project is subject to some laws and regulations in the process of raising funds and conducting business, resulting in the risk that the operation cannot continue.

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Market risk

The project is not accepted by the market, or there are not enough users to use it, business development is stagnant, and the risk ...

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Technical risk

The underlying technology may have major problems that prevent the project from achieving the intended functionality.The risk-avoiding method ...

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